While the healthcare fraternity struggles to save people from its life threatening consequences; evidence from across the globe suggests that vaccinations are one of the most potent methods to mitigate (if not prevent) the course of the disease. There are two main barriers to uptake of the COVID19: lack of access to vaccine and vaccine hesitancy.

Digital Bharati

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has left many children orphaned and vulnerable across India. Countless children have lost both their parents, while many are merely surviving with a single parent, who is not able to support the children financially.

Box Hospital

Box Hospital proposes a solution to rapidly scale up COVID-19 recovery facilities by utilising existing hard infrastructures and refurbishing them to provide COVID-19 recovery facilities with 10 percent ICU beds.

India’s unfolding COVID-19 crisis has overwhelmed hospitals, crematoriums and graveyards leading to a situation where it is not even possible to say final goodbyes to the departed, let alone perform their final rites.


Ensuring mental health and well-being globally, especially for frontline workers, is an ongoing challenge that has been accentuated by the novel coronavirus pandemic. MindRise is an initiative focused at addressing the problem of depleting mental health of frontline workers dealing with COVID-19 patients due to the innumerable deaths tolls surrounding them, including to deal with the emotional outbursts shared by the family of patients, the feeling of helplessness experienced due to the inability to help because of lack of resources and other factors which can have a devastating impact on the mental health of the frontline workers.


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The COVID19 pandemic response is for public champions across the country to come together to fight the gloom and doom scenario and work towards saving lives in this time of crisis. PI India aims to enable meaningful collaboration between citizens, parliamentarians, and industry leaders who wish to make a difference to our communities and our country with immediate impactful interventions. COVID-19 has taken a toll on millions of lives and we need to unite all forces, now more than ever, in fighting this apocalyptic war.

Fight against COVID-19: Ghanshyam Tiwari speaks for PII's battle against the CoronaVirus


Parliamentarians with Innovators for India (PII) is an inclusive, non-partisan, pan-India action group for fighting Covid-19. If you are an innovator who wishes to make a difference during this crisis, here’s an opportunity to collaborate with parliamentarians, public policy experts, subject matter specialists, and business leaders.

You could be an individual - or you could belong to a group of like-minded people who are motivated to join the fight against Covid-19 in India. If you have an innovative idea that can make a difference during this crisis, we invite you to submit your solution in three simple steps.

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